2021 American Eagle Gold Proof Sales Start March 11

The United States Mint is set to begin sales of the 2021 American Eagle gold Proof products next week. Sales will begin at Noon Eastern on March 11, 2021 on the Mint’s website. The sales will be the final sales of the Type-1 Reverse with the coin slated to get an updated Reverse later this year.

In all, the Mint will be offering five products to the public with the gold American Eagle. None of the product pricing is available at this time and won’t be available until the day prior to the release. Here is a list products, their production limit, and a link to that product on the Mint’s site.

Currently the Mint has set all of these products having a household purchasing limit of 1. With this being the final release with the original Reverse of the coin, all of these products are expected to sell out and likely within the first day or two of release.

According the the Mint’s production schedule, here will be these exact same products re-released later this year with the Type-2 Reverse.

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