NCIC Reports California Burglary of Dozens of Coins

The Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC) is asking for the public’s help after a burglary at a California based store led to dozens of gold and silver coins being stolen. The break-in occurred last Sunday, March 21, 2021 at Stuppler & Company in Woodland Hills, California. The perpetrators used crowbars to access the store and managed to get away with no less than 107 different NGC or PCGS graded as well as raw coins.

Fortunately the owners of the California store had comprehensive lists of their inventory and have provided a detailed list of the coins along with their certification numbers if applicable.

DateTypeCert #GradeService
1890-CC$20 Liberty OGH6436997VF25PCGS
1898-S$20 Liberty CAC3219776-003MS64NGC
1908Saint Gaudens No Motto101241-018MS64NGC
1924Saint Gaudens 12404780MS64PCGS
1927Saint Gaudens12376022MS64PCGS
1927Saint Gaudens21612239MS65PCGS
1927Saint Gaudens83759506MS64PCGS
1880-SMorgan Dollar29829604MS66+PCGS
1881Morgan Dollar CAC40433882MS65PCGS
1881-OMorgan Dollar CAC12559226MS64PCGS
1881-SMorgan Dollar4052138MS66PCGS
1886Morgan Dollar15762426MS65PCGS
1889-SMorgan Dollar16944345MS64PCGS
1898-OMorgan Dollar39581141MS65PCGS
1921Peace Dollar HR30454783MS63PCGS
1921Peace Dollar 27254479MS64+PCGS
1921Peace DollarSerial ends #0601MS64ICG
1939Walking Liberty Half3450751-005PF65NGC
1940Walking Liberty Half OGH8059481PR65PCGS
1942Walking Liberty Half1727145-005PF66NGC
1911-DSaint Gaudens37516022MS65PCGS
1915-SSaint Gaudens38613201MS65PCGS
1928Saint Gaudens PQ6694301MS66PCGS
1893$10 Liberty29198323MS62PCGS
1894$10 Liberty29467255MS62PCGS
1897$10 Liberty29467279MS62PCGS
1850-O$20 LibertyQty – 1  
1854-P$20 Liberty Large DateQty – 1  
1875-PTrade DollarQty – 1  
1871-P$1 Seated LibertyQty – 1  
1878-SMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1879-PMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1879-OMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1880-OMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1881-SMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1884-SMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1885-CCMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1890-CCMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1891-SMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1892-CCMorgan DollarQty – 1  
1899-SMorgan DollarQty – 1  
20131 oz. Buffalo Reverse ProofQty – 3  
1821Bust DimeQty – 1Fine 
1833Bust DimeQty – 1Fine 
1834Bust DimeQty – 1About Good 
1834Bust DimeQty – 1Fine 
1835Bust DimeQty – 3Poor-Fine 
1837Bust DimeQty – 1FIne 
1875-sTwenty Cent PieceQty – 2Fine-Very Fine 
1875-CCTwenty Cent PieceQty – 1Very Fine 
1806Bust QuarterQty – 1About Good 
1820Bust QuarterQty – 1Very Good 
1834Capped Bust QuarterQty – 2XF – AU 
1835Capped Bust QuarterQty – 1AU 
1836Capped Bust QuarterQty – 3Fine-X.Fine 
1846Seated QuartersQty – 1Fine  
1857Seated QuartersQty – 2V.Fine 
1858Seated QuartersQty – 1Fine 
1858-OSeated QuartersQty – 1V.Fine 
1859Seated QuartersQty – 1X.Fine 
1861Seated QuartersQty – 3VF-AU- Unc.  
1870Seated QuartersQty – 1X-F 
1877-SSeated QuartersQty – 1X-F 
1912Barber QuarterQty – 1A-U 
1917Standing Liberty Ty.1Qty – 2V.Fine 
1806Bust HalfQty – 1Very Good 
1810Bust HalfQty – 1Fine-V. Fine 
1811Bust HalfQty – 1Good 
1812Bust HalfQty – 1Fine  
1817Bust HalfQty – 1Fine 
1818Bust HalfQty – 2Fine 
1819Bust HalfQty – 3Fine to AU 
1821Bust HalfQty – 1V.Fine 
1823Bust HalfQty – 1V.Good 
1827Bust HalfQty – 1V.Good 
1827Bust HalfQty – 1A-U 
1831Bust HalfQty – 1Good 
1832Bust HalfQty – 1V.Good 
1833Bust HalfQty – 1X.Fine 
1834Bust HalfQty – 3V.F to AU 
1835Bust HalfQty – 3Cleaned to XF 
1836Bust HalfQty – 1Fine 
1838Capped Bust HalfQty – 2Cleaned to XF 
1843Seated Liberty Half Qty – 1A-U 
1844-OSeated Liberty Half Qty – 1Fine 
1853Arrow/Rays Seated Half Qty – 1V.Good 
1856-OSeated Liberty Half Qty – 2V.Fine 
1857Seated Liberty Half Qty – 1V.Fine 
1858-OSeated Liberty Half Qty – 2V.G – X.F 
1859-OSeated Liberty Half Qty – 1Fine 
1863-SSeated Liberty Half Qty – 1X.Fine 
1866Seated Half MottoQty – 1V.Good 
1867-SSeated Liberty Half Qty – 1X.Fine 
1871Seated Liberty Half Qty – 1X.Fine 
1875-SSeated Liberty Half Qty – 1A-U 
1877Seated Liberty Half Qty – 1V.Good 
1842Seated DollarQty – 1Fine 
1843Seated DollarQty – 1X-Fine 
1859-OSeated DollarQty – 1X-Fine 
1860-OSeated DollarQty – 1Cleaned 
1871Seated DollarQty – 2X-Fine – A.U. 
1872Seated DollarQty – 1V-Fine 
1877Trade DollarsQty – 1A-U 
1878-STrade DollarsQty – 3V.Good – X.F. 
2020-SSilver EagleQTY – 3PR70DCAM FSPCGS
2021-PSilver EagleQTY – 3MS70 FDOIPCGS
2021-SSilver EagleQTY – 3MS70 FSPCGS

Collectors and dealers are asked to be on the look out for these coins as, if they were stolen, the thief could try to get rid of them quickly at a price “too good to be true”. Dealers, coin shop owners, and pawn shop owners in particular are encouraged to be on the look out for one of these rare coins coming into their shop. This will be true in the coming days for locations in California but it is likely they will begin appearing online outside of California in the coming weeks. Given that all of the coins in question have been graded by a grading service, that should help in identifying and recovering of them with a bit of help and attention from the community.

If you have any information on these coins or see any of them in your shop or online, you can contact Doug Davis at 817-723-7231 or with details. You can also contact your local police department who can contact NCIC. 

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to serve as a national and international resource for collectors, dealers and law enforcement in the education, prevention and investigation of crimes involving coins, paper money, tokens, medals and related numismatic items.

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