Track Your Coin Shipments With Parcel

If you are like me, at any given time, you have coins being shipped to you or you’ve shipped some yourself. Whether it is a coin that you’ve sent to be graded or your latest purchase from the United States Mint, keep track of the shipping company and when a package is going to arrive can be challenging at times. That’s where Parcel comes in and help you keep those shipments all in one place on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Parcel is an app that allows you to track all of your shipments in one place. It is developed by Ivan Pavlov out of Australia and really is a must have app for collectors. Just add the tracking number from the shipper to the app and it will automatically keep things up-to-date for you. No more having to visit the USPS, FedEx, or UPS site directly. It is a huge time saver, especially in those busy times when you have multiple coins coming to you or you have shipped. Best of all, the app notifies you when an event happens on a package such as when it leaves a location or has been delivered.

Here in the United States & Canada, virtually every carrier service out there is supported by Parcel.

  • Amazon Logistics Canada*
  • Amazon Logistics Mexico*
  • Amazon Logistics US*
  • Asendia USA
  • Bonshaw Logsitics
  • Canada Post
  • Canpar
  • Ceva Logistics
  • Chit Chats
  • Correos de Mexico
  • Deliver-it
  • Dynamex
  • eShopWorld
  • Estafeta
  • GLS US (GSO)
  • Intelcom
  • JoeyCo
  • Landmark Global
  • T-Force (Lasership)
  • Lone Star Overnight
  • Loomis Express
  • Meest
  • OnTrac
  • Paquetexpress
  • Pilot Freight
  • Purolator
  • PuroPost
  • UDSA
  • UPS MI
  • USPS
  • XPO Logistics (Amazon)
  • XPO Logistics (Pro)

If you are international, you can find the complete list of supported carriers globally at this link on the Parcel site. In total, the app supports over 300 different shipping companies around the globe.

To enter a package, go to the Deliveries page in the app (the default page) and tap the + icon in the upper right corner. Here you can paste in a tracking number and the app will automatically detect the shipping service based on that tracking number. Give the package a name so you know what it is and press Done. When you enter the tracking number for a package you are tracking, you will see a list of all your shipments that are being tracked in Parcel. Even better, if you buy coins from Amazon as part of Today’s Deal and add your Amazon credentials to the app, it will automatically add them to Parcel for you.

Shipment Listing in Parcel for iOS
Shipment Listing in Parcel for iOS

If you tap on a shipment in the list, you will then get all of the shipping details for that package including a map.

Shipment Details in Parcel for iOS
Shipment Details in Parcel for iOS

Once a package is delivered, just swipe left on it while on the tracking list page to delete it. It is an intuitive app and you’ll likely have it completely figured out after just one or two times of using.

If you are a MacOS user, there is also a version of the app for you too.

Parcel for MacOS
Parcel for MacOS

Note in the screenshot above that you see the large 3 in the left corner. That is how many days remain until the package arrives.

I’ve been using Parcel for the past year and it is one of my most heavily used apps for both coin tracking as well as other non-coin related shipments. It is one that I highly recommend giving a try. Unfortunately for you PC and Android users, there is not a version available. However, there is a web version of the app that can be used.

Parcel is a free app to download from the App Store and Mac App Store. There is a yearly subscription of $2.99 that allows you to track more than three packages at a time and enables push notifications. It is well worth it.

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