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Mint Confirms American Eagle Enrollment Program Auto-Rollovers

The United States Mint took to Twitter yesterday to confirm what most expected: If you are enrolled in the American Eagle Enrollment Program, you will be automatically rolled into the new Eagle Type-2 enrollments. Further, those already in the Eagle Enrollment Program do not have to do anything with their accounts. They will simply be auto-enrolled for the Type-2’s.

In reality, it makes sense for the Mint to do this as it assures that those already in the program will get the new design but it also assures that the Mint will be selling the same number (minus any cancellations) of the coins as they did the Type-1’s earlier this year.

As readers know, the new American Eagle Reverse will make its debut on July 1st with the Proof 2021-W American Eagle. The coin will be priced at $73.00. For those who are already in the Enrollment Program for the W-Mint Marked Eagles, there is nothing you need to do. On July 1st your credit card on file will be charged and a coin (or the number you have ordered, up to 25) will be shipped to you. This assures you’ll be one of the first to get the coins and that could be key. It is expected demand in the first few months for the Type-2 will be high and those not in the Enrollment Program could be forced to wait to receive the coin.

Currently the United States Mint offers three Enrollment Program options for the American Eagle. You can sign up for the S-Mint Mark Proof, the W-Mint Mark Proof and the Uncirculated coin. All programs are mutually exclusive so you can sign up for one, two, or all three.

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