2021-D and 2021-S Morgan Dollar Pre-Sales Begin Today at Noon

After delays and website challenges, the United States Mint will finally begin offering the rest of the 2021 Morgan Dollar products today. The 2021-D and 2021-S Morgan will be available for pre-order starting at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific directly from the MInt’s site. Each coin is priced at $85.00 with a limited production of just 175,000 and a household limit of 3. 

These coins will sell out within minutes.

The Morgan Dollar was designed by Mint Chief Engraver George T. Morgan (1845-1925) and was minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921. This iconic silver dollar represented the country’s westward expansion and industrial development in the late 19th century.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the last year of the ‘Morgan Dollar’ the United States Mint is proud to present the 2021 Morgan Dollar, created through the use of modern technology and historical U.S. Mint assets. It has a beautiful uncirculated finish.

United States Mint
2021 Morgan Dollar Obverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)
2021-S Morgan Dollar Obverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

Here are the links to the product pages for both coins:

  • 2021-D Morgan Dollar – $85.00
  • 2021-S Morgan Dollar – $85.00

After the challenges with its site due to automated bots when the Carson City and New Orleans Privy marked Morgan’s were released, the Mint decided to postpone sales of the Denver and San Francisco minted coins. The Mint has put in a significant amount of work behind the scenes on its site to keep things stable during high demand times. The efforts have seemed to work. During the sales of the 2021-W American Eagle silver proof, the site had very few issues and no reported crashes. This is a major step forward on one of the largest complaints about the Mint itself.

That said, demand for these Morgan Dollars will be exceptionally high and readers who want one are encouraged to be on the Mint’s site prior to Noon today to attempt to buy one. Pre-sales technical run from August 3 to August 17, 2021.

Exactly zero people expect them to last past today.


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