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In a bit of site news, I’m excited to announce that USCoinNews is now available on Apple News. You can now follow the site’s channel on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and get all the sites updates and news in the app. Of course, the main site isn’t going anywhere. Rather, this is just another way to follow the site. Apple News has over 145 million active users each day so having the site there just makes sense.

To get to the USCoinNews channel, just click this link. That will open up Apple News on your Mac (or on your iPhone or iPad if you are viewing this article on one of those devices). From there you, can tap on menu and follow the channel. If you sync your News across your devices via iCloud, it will appear on all of your devices.

USCoinNews in Apple News
USCoinNews in Apple News

Following the site’s channel is free and does not require an News+ subscription. Additionally, every article that gets posted on the main site will be published to News at the same time. That means you won’t miss a thing no matter how you consume the content of USCoinNews.

Finally, if you are subscribed to the site via subscription, that is still the best way to get notifications on new articles. Apple does not allow smaller publishers to send notifications on new articles through the News service.

By Clinton

Clinton is the owner and editor of US Coin News. He has been an avid coin collector, primarily of United States coinage, since 1986 after learning about it from his grandfather. Clinton's collection is now over 3,000 coins. Clinton lives in Colorado where he skis in the winter and hikes in the summer when he is not working on his coin collection.

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