2021 North Carolina American Innovation Dollar Bags & Rolls Sales Start Today

The 2021 North Carolina American Innovation Dollar, the last of this year’s releases, will be available starting later today. Sales will begin at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific. The coin will be available in both bags of 100 coins from Denver and Philadelphia as well as 25-coin rolls from the same two Mint facilities. There are no production limits or household limits for any of these products.

For those who are enrolled in the Mint’s Enrollment Program for the American Innovation Dollar, check your email. It is likely your roll and/or bag order was already fulfilled and the Mint has emailed you.

The American Innovation $1 Coin representing North Carolina recognizes innovations in creating higher-education opportunities for all. The University of North Carolina became the first public university to formally open when it convened classes in 1795. It was the Nation’s only public university to confer degrees in the 18th century.

United States Mint
2021 American Innovation Dollar Reverse - North Carolina (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)
2021 North Carolina American Innovation Dollar (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

Like the other coins in the American Innovation series, this coin will have the common Obverse of the Statue of Liberty. 

Here are the four products that will be available next week:

  • 25-Coin Roll (Philadelphia) – $34.50
  • 25-Coin Roll (Denver) – $34.50
  • 100-Coin Bag (Philadelphia) – $117.50
  • 100-Coin Bag (Denver) – $117.50

Although the American Innovation Dollar is not released into general circulation it is considered a circulating coin by the United States Mint. Therefore, there are no product production limits on any of these products nor are there household limits. All of these products will remain available through the end of 2020.

To read about the history of the American Innovation Dollar, you can check out this Coin History article here at USCoinNews.com

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