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Circulating Coin Production Report – October 2021

The United States Mint has released its Circulating Coin Production Report for October 2021 to the public. The report shows that the Mint produced 1,213,860,000 coins in October. This is up slightly from the 1.169 billion that the Mint produced in September 2021. Production figures across the different denominations were mixed with increases and decreases in production across the Cent, Nickel, Dime and Quarter coins. For 2021, the Mint has now produced over 12 billion coins for circulation.

In October 2021, the Mint produced 698.8 million Lincoln Cent coins for circulation. The smallest denomination coin in the country had 314.4 million of them produced at the Denver Mint. The remaining 384.4 million were minted at the Philadelphia Mint. This is up slightly from the 605.6 million that the Mint produced in September. For the year, 6.638 billion Cents have been produced by the Mint. Next is the Jefferson Nickel which had 80.16 million in October. 44.16 million of the five cent pieces were produced in Denver with the remaining 36 million in Philadelphia. The production of the Jefferson Nickel dropped significantly when compared to September. Last month, 134.88 million Nickels were produced. For the year, there have now been 1.39 billion Jefferson’s produced by the Mint.

Turning to the Roosevelt Dime, the Mint produced 233.5 million of them in October. This is down by 500,000 coins from the September production figures. According to the Mint, 125 million Dimes were produced at the Denver Mint with the remaining 108.5 million in Philadelphia. The Mint has now produced 2.521 billion ten cent pieces for circulation. Meanwhile, the Washington Quarter saw an increase in production month-over-month. In October, 201.4 million of them were produced across the Denver (111.2 million) and Philadelphia Mints (90.2 million). This is up from the 194.8 that were pressed in September. For the year, 1.869 billion Quarters have been produced for circulation.

In October, there were no Kennedy Half Dollar, Presidential Dollar, or Native American Dollars produced for circulation.

Adding all of this up, the Mint produced 1,213,860,000 coins in October. That brings the total production for 2021 to 12,435,400,000. This is slightly behind the 2020 production pace but has already exceeded the Mint’s output for 2019. Mint production through October 2020 stood at 12,705,760,000.

MintCentIncreaseNickelIncreaseDimeIncreaseQuarter IncreaseHalf DollarIncreaseNative American DollarIncreasePresidential DollarIncreaseTotal:
United States Mint Circulating Coin Production – October 2021

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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