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United States Mint Circulating Coin Production Report – September 2021

The United States Mint has released its Circulating Coin Production Report for September 2021 to the public. The report shows that the Mint produced 1,169,280,000 in the month, down slightly from the 1,187,320,000 that it produced in August. Production of all denominations except the Jefferson Nickel and Washington Quarter were down from the August report. For the year, the United States Mint has now produced over 11 billion coins for circulation.

As is nearly always the case, the Lincoln Cent was the highest produced circulating coin according to the Mint’s September 2021 report. 605,600,000 of the One Cent pieces were produced with Denver producing the larger quantity at 342 million. The remaining 263.6 million were produced in the Philadelphia facility. For 2021, there have now been 5.940 billion Cents produced for circulation, accounting for nearly half of the Mint’s coin production for the year. The production of 605 million Cents was down from the 753 million produced in August.

The Jefferson Nickel was the only coin produced by the Mint that saw an increase in production month-over-month when compared to August 2021. 132,700,000 Nickels were produced in September 2021 with 79.2 million produced in Denver and the remaining 53.5 million minted in Philadelphia. This is up from the 1.175 million produced in August. For the year, 1,310,620,000 Jefferson Nickels have been produced by the Mint.

Turning to the Roosevelt Dime, the Mint product 154.5 million of them in September 2021. The breakdown of production saw the vast majority of them, 143 million, produced in Denver while the remaining 11.5 million were pressed in Philadelphia. The September production was down from the 177.5 million that the Mint produced in August 2021 and for the year, there have now been 2,287 billion Dimes produced for circulation.

The final coin produced for the Mint last month was the Washington Quarter. 194.8 million of them were pressed in September with the breakdown between the two Mint facilities almost equal. Denver produced 97.2 million while Philadelphia produced 97.6 million. Added up, the Mint has produced 1.667 billion Quarters for circulation.

There were no Kennedy Half Dollar, Native American or Presidential Dollars produced in September.

For 2021, the Mint has now produced 11,221,540,000 for the year. This is just slightly behind the 11,301,070,000 produced through September 2021.

MintCentIncreaseNickelIncreaseDimeIncreaseQuarter IncreaseHalf DollarIncreaseNative American DollarIncreasePresidential DollarIncreaseTotal:
United States Mint Circulating Coin Production Report – September 2021

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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