2022 Morgan and Peace Dollars on Mint’s Production Schedule

Arguably one of the most popular releases from the United States Mint this year – and for the past several – were the Morgan and Peace Dollar coins. Released in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Morgan’s retirement and the Peace replacing it, the Mint released five different 2021 Morgan Dollars and one Peace Dollar. Demand for the coins were so high that it crashed the Mint’s site repeatedly on release days and the Mint actually had to adjust its release schedule to meet demand. Brace yourselves: There will be a 2022 Morgan and 2022 Peace Dollar release.

When the Mint released its 2022 Production Schedule, the two last entries that are slated for release are a 2022 Morgan Dollar and a 2022 Peace Dollar. Both will be sold in proof finish and will bare the San Francisco Mint Mark. According to the production schedule, these are the only two releases in the series next year. Key details like mintage limit and household limits are not available and currently the release is scheduled for Fall 2022.

For weeks there have been rumors floating about that there would be a 2022 release of a Morgan and Peace Dollar. Part of this was due to the high demand this year but also comes down to former Director of the Mint, David J. Ryder. Mr. Ryder was a big supporter of the series and several sources suggested that he wanted to have the series continue into next year. How much the former Director influenced this continuation is unclear but the end result is that there will be a 2022 release of both coins.

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  1. I think the 2021 Morgan silver dollars turned out really nice, and I think the Morgan silver dollar should be an annual release every year, perhaps in the 500,000-1,000,000 mintage range?!If the Mint can produce 30,000,000-40,000,000+ of the dreaded American Silver Eagle annually, it can certainly produce a limited number of Morgan silver dollars which happen to be extremely popular with coin collectors?! I say cut the production of ASE’s by 10%, and use the silver to make some real coin collectors happy with the Morgan silver dollar. ASE’s are nothing but a silver bullion coin, and only a fool believes that these coins are actual coin collectibles…………………………………………….


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