NGC Scratch-Resistant Holders Temporarily Unavailable

The following is a Press Release from Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) announcing that its premium Scratch-Resistant holders are temporary unavailable. The grading company put the unavailability down to supply chain issues which have impacted a wide range of businesses throughout the year. The company does not expect to have the premium holder in stock for another 6-9 months. However, as NGC points out in its release, all other holders remain available.

Due to supply chain issues, NGC has temporarily suspended offering Scratch-Resistant Holders in order to rebuild inventory. All other NGC holders remain fully stocked.

Numismatic Guaranty Company™ (NGC®) has temporarily suspended offering Scratch-Resistant Holders, effective immediately. Unfortunately, the supply chain issues that have impacted many businesses have similarly affected NGC’s ability to maintain a sufficient inventory of Scratch-Resistant Holders.

NGC anticipates that Scratch-Resistant Holders will be back in stock in six to nine months. In the meantime, NGC will encapsulate standard-sized coins using its flagship EdgeView® Holder. The EdgeView Holder provides a crystal-clear display using museum-quality materials, and advanced security features add an extra layer of protection.

The EdgeView holder and all other NGC holders are fully stocked and there is currently no risk of potential disruptions to this supply. NGC is taking steps to build additional manufacturing capabilities to ensure that its holder production keeps up with the tremendous growth in demand for its expert and impartial services.

NGC will also be encapsulating standard-sized coins submitted through the Unlimited Value WalkThrough, WalkThrough and Express grading tiers with the EdgeView Holder during this time. The fees for Unlimited Value WalkThrough, WalkThrough, Express, ReHolder and High Value ReHolder are unchanged.

If a Scratch-Resistant Holder upgrade is requested while this service is suspended, any additional fee paid will be credited back to the submitter’s NGC account.

The NGC team appreciates your patience and understanding as we work to rebuild our inventory of Scratch-Resistant Holders. For more information about NGC holders, click here. For NGC Services and Fees, click here.

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