United States Mint Circulating Coin Production Report – January 2022

The United States Mint has released its Circulating Coin Production Report for January 2022. The report shows that nation’s Mints product 1.249 billion coins for circulation. This is a significant increase from the 919.5 million the Mint produced in January 2021. Production figures across the different denominations were mixed with increases and decreases in production across the Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, and Dollar coins.

Production of the Lincoln Cent in January 2022 saw 748 million of the One Cent pieces produced in the Denver and Philadelphia facilities. That is more than double the 383,200,000 that the Mint produced in January 2021 and higher than the 603.8 million produced in December. Breaking down the production figures, the Denver Mint produced 406.4 million of the Lincoln’s for circulation last month while the Philadelphia Mint pressed 341.8 million. For those who are new to the Mint’s production report, traditionally the Lincoln Cent is the highest produced coin consistently throughout the year.

Turning to the Jefferson Nickel, The Mint reports that 115.68 million of them were produced in January. The Denver Mint produced 61.92 million of the Five Cent pieces while the Philadelphia Mint made the remaining 53.76 million. This total is down from the 151,200,000 Jefferson’s that the Mint produced in the first month of 2021 but is higher than the 68 million the Mint produced in December 2021.

The Roosevelt Dime had a reported production of 202 million pieces in January 2021. According to the Mint’s report, 105.5 million of those were made in Denver and 96.5 million in Philadelphia. This is down from the 270 million Dimes produced in January last year but is substantially higher than the 141.75 million produced in December 2021.

As for the Washington Quarter, there were 179 million of the Quarter Dollar coins produced in January. Breaking that down, the Denver Mint produced 95.2 million while the Philadelphia Mint produced the remaining 83.8 million. This production figure is higher than the number produced in January 2021 which was 112 million.

The Kennedy Half Dollar had a production total of 3.2 million pieces in January, with 1.6 million produced by each Mint facility. Like 2021, the Half Dollar will be in circulation this year and the Mint is seemingly preparing for that early in the year. In January ’21, there were no Kennedy Half Dollars produced. Finally, the Native American Dollar saw a production total of 1.96 million coins last month. The breakdown, like the Half Dollar, was even across the Denver and Philadelphia Mint locations. Each produced 980,000 coins. The Native American Dollar, although it is listed as a circulating coin because it was originally, is not released to the public but is sent to the Federal Reserve and sold as numismatic products by the Mint.

Adding all of this up, the Mint produced 1,249,840,000 coins in January 2022. 671.6 million were minted in Denver and 578.24 million in Philadelphia. Comparing this to January last year, that total is up from the 919,520,000 produced a year ago. Comparing month-over-month to December 2021, last month is also higher than the 953,400,000 coins pressed by the Mint in the last month of last year.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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