American Women Quarter Program Enrollments Rapidly Selling Out

For the second time in as many weeks, the United States Mint emailed customers reminding them to sign up for the Enrollment Programs for the American Women Quarter program. Demand, especially for the 2-roll set and upcoming Silver Proof Set have been exceptionally high with the allotted sets for the Enrollment Programs nearly being sold out.

As of today, the American Women Quarters Silver Proof Set™ has fewer than 17,500 units remaining, the American Women Quarters Two-roll Set™ has less than 1,700 units, and the American Women Quarters Ornament™ has under 3,300 units remaining for each honoree. Don’t miss out on this historic series — enroll today! 

United States Mint

If you want to be sure to get any of the American Women Quarter releases, readers are strongly encouraged to sign up in the Enrollment Programs for each product. This will not only assure that you get the releases this year, but will remain in place throughout the five year program (unless you cancel your enrollment).

To enroll in the program, go to the Enrollments Program page on the Mint’s site. Once there, navigate down to the American Women Quarter Program section and tap on the “Add to Bag” button under each product. You can enroll for the regular and silver Proof Sets, the 2-roll and 3-Roll sets, the 100-coin bags, and the holiday ornament which will be released at the end of the year.

United States Mint Enrollment Program Page
United States Mint Enrollment Program Page

If you decide not to enroll and want any of these products, you will need to be on the Mint’s site on release day to try to buy them.

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