All Silver American Eagle Enrollment Programs Now Sold Out – Limited Release Day Availability

The United States Mint has reported that all of the silver American Eagle Enrollment Programs are now sold out with release day availability being extremely limited across all the products. This is the first time in the Mint’s history that Enrollment Programs have filled up prior to release and highlights the continuing high demand for bullion products.

The Mint sent an email yesterday to the Numismatic Press and customers indicating that only the Proof 2022-W American Eagle had enrollments remaining. That has now changed. According to the Mint’s Enrollment site, the Proof 2022-S, Proof 2022-W and Uncirculated 2022-W are now all sold out and not available.

Silver American Eagle Enrollment Program Page
Silver American Eagle Enrollment Program Page

The knock-on impact of this high demand means that on the release day of each of these products, very few will be available. While the Mint does not set a mintage limit on the silver Eagles, it could take weeks if not months for them to be available for purchase again. This is largely due to the lack of bullion available to the Mint and why the 2022 Morgan and Peace Dollar products were cancelled this year. For those who hope to buy this year’s silver Eagles and are not in the Enrollment Program, you best bet is to be on the Mint’s site at Noon Eastern on release day to try to get one.

For those of you who are in the Enrollment Program, there is nothing more you need to do other than verify your credit card on file with the Mint and shipping address are correct. If the Mint cannot bill you, you will lose your enrollment!

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