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United States Mint Circulating Coin Production Report – March 2022

The United States Mint has released its Circulating Coin Production Report for March 2022. The report shows that the Mint produced 1,452,580,000 coins for circulation last month, up over two-hundred million coins from the February report. All but one coin, the Jefferson Nickel, saw an increase in production month-over-month.

The Lincoln Cent once again assumed its normal ranking of being the highest produced coin by the United States Mint in March. 780,400,000 were produced across the two circulating coin producing Mint facilities, Denver and Philadelphia. Breaking down the production figure, 403.2 million Cents were produced last month in Denver with the remaining 377.2 million minted in Philadelphia. The March 2022 production was up from the 694 million produced in February. For the year, the Mint has now produced 2.2224 billion Lincoln Cents for circulation, well ahead of the 1.5 billion it had produced by March last year.

As mentioned, the Jefferson Nickel was the only circulating coin produced by the Mint that saw a decrease in production. 124.08 million of the Five Cent pieces were produced last month, 68.6 million in Denver and the remaining 55.2 million in Philadelphia. This is down by 70 million piece from the February production of 142.32 million and the 2022 production trails the 2021 production of the Nickel significantly, by nearly 80 million coins. For the year, the Mint has now produced 382.08 million Nickels.

Turning to the Roosevelt Dime, the Mint reported a total production of 321.5 million coins in March. The Denver Mint produced 179 million of this total while the remaining 142.5 million were produced in Philadelphia. With the March figures added, the Mint has now produced 757.5 million Dimes for circulation. This is down slightly from the 764 million that the Mint had produced by this time last year.

The last circulating coin to have reported production by the Mint was the Washington Quarter. 226.6 million were produced in March, up from the 189.8 million minted in February. Of that 226.6 million, 112.8 million were pressed in Denver with the remaining 113.8 million produced in Philadelphia. For the year, the Mint has produced 595.4 million Quarters for circulation. This is significantly higher than the 447 million that the Mint had produced by this time last year.

In March, the Mint reported no production of the Kennedy Half Dollar, Native American Dollar, or the Presidential Dollar.

For the year, the United States Mint has now produced 3,962,540,000 coins for circulation, up over 700 million coins from the 3,217,760,000 that it had produced by this time in 2021.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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