Zachary Taylor Presidential Silver Medal Sales Begin Today

The United States Mint will begin sales of the second Presidential Silver Medal for 2022 starting today. The Zachary Taylor Presidential Silver Medal will go on sale at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific. It will be available directly from the Mint via its website. The medal is priced at $65.00. There are no household or production limits for the medal.

Zachary Taylor (November 24, 1784 – July 9, 1850) was an American military leader who served as the 12th president of the United States from 1849 until his death in 1850.

For those who are enrolled in the medal’s Enrollment Program at the Mint, be sure to check your email as the Mint has already sent confirmation emails to subscribers that their orders for the medal have been placed.

As has been the case with the Presidential Silver Medal series, the Obverse features a portrait of the honored President with the common Reverse that has been found throughout the series with the exception of the Harrison medal given his short time in office.

The reverse features the inscription “PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP,” symbolized by two hands clasped in token of amity. On the cuff of the left wrist are three stripes and buttons; the other wrist is bare. Above the hands, the pipe of peace and the tomahawk are crossed over each other.

United States Mint
Zachary Taylor Presidential Silver Medal (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)
Zachary Taylor Presidential Silver Medal (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

As readers can likely guess, the Taylor Presidential Medal is the twelfth medal to be released in the series and is the second of four medals set for release in 2022. The medal is 99.999% pure silver. There is no mintage or production limit for the Presidential Silver Medal series so they should remain available for years to come.

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