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June Set To Be A Busy Month in United States Mint Releases

June is set to be one of the business release months for the United States Mint this year. Currently, the Mint has six product releases scheduled for the month, ranging from annual sets to the new American Women Quarter Program and American Eagles. The busy month will an exciting – if not expensive – month for collectors.

The releases for June have already kicked off with the release of the 2022-W American Eagle uncirculated coin. That coin went on sale on the First and is currently showing as available on the Mint’s site. Only 160,000 of the coins will be available this year, making it one of the smaller releases in the series.

Next up is the 2022 American Innovation Dollar Proof Set. The set contains all four of the American Innovation Dollars set for release this year in proof finish in one lens. The set is priced at $24.00 and sales will begin on June 7, 2022. There is no production or mintage limit on the set nor is there a household limit on the number that can be purchased.

One week after the release of the American Innovation Dollar Proof Set will be the release of the Wilma Mankiller American Woman Quarter. Bags of 100 coins and rolls of 40 coin rolls will be available on the 14th of this month. Unfortunately however, if you are not already enrolled in the American Women Quarter Program’s Enrollment, you won’t be able to purchase these coins. The Mint has already indicated that all the bags and rolls have been sold to those enrolled in the program. That means on the 14th, while sales will technically start, none will be available. Readers are encouraged to use the Mint’s Remind Me feature on the product pages for the Quarters to get an email or text notification should any of the products become available later.

Two days later, on June 16th, the 2022-W American Eagle gold uncirculated coin will go on sale at the Mint’s site. The one-ounce gold coin does not have a determined price at the time of this article but there will be just 9,000 of the coins available and a strict household limit of one coin.

The penultimate release in June will be on the 23rd when the Mint releases the 2022 Silver Proof Set. The premium annual set will consist of 10 coins in total in two lenses and will be priced at $105.00. The set will have the Roosevelt Dime, all five of the American Woman Quarters, and the Kennedy Half Dollar in 90% silver with the set containing nearly 1.5 troy ounces of silver overall. The good news is that there is no mintage or production limit on the set nor is there a household limit on the number that can be purchased.

The final release for this month will be on the 28th and will be the bags and rolls for the Kentucky American Innovation Dollar. The Mint has indicated that just 2,790 of the 100-coins bags from Denver and Philadelphia will be available and 7,020 rolls from those Mint facilities will be available for sale. While not completely sold out due to the product’s Enrollment Programs, quantities will be very limited on release day.

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