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Introducing the NGC AirView Holder, a First of Its Kind in Coin Grading

The following is a Press Release from Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) announcing its new AirView holder. The new holder is patent pending and is the first of its kind in the coin grading industry. It is aimed for small, fragile or oddly sized coins.

AD 337-340 Roman Empire Constantine II In NCG Air View Holder (Image Courtesy of NGC)
AD 337-340 Roman Empire Constantine II In NCG Air View Holder (Image Courtesy of NGC)

Numismatic Guaranty Company™ (NGC®) is excited to introduce the patent pending NGC AirView Holder, a first of its kind in the coin certification industry. Designed for small, fragile and oddly sized coins, the NGC AirView Holder is the best way to preserve and display coins that previously could not benefit from the protection of NGC encapsulation. See the NGC AirView Holder in action here.

The innovative NGC AirView Holder is the result of more than four years of research and development by experts in numismatics, materials science, engineering and design. It works by securely suspending a coin between two layers of high-quality polymers that are both crystal clear and fully inert.

The suspended coin in its protective encasement is then ultrasonically welded inside the same NGC core and state-of-the-art holder used for other coins certified by NGC, including the rarest ones in the Smithsonian Institution’s collection. By design and construction, coins encapsulated in an NGC AirView Holder are the same thickness as other NGC-certified coins and can fit in a standard NGC display box.

As with all NGC holders, the NGC AirView Holder includes a certification label with the coin’s description, NGC grade and unique NGC certification number. UV inks, microprinting, a high-security hologram and other security features prevent tampering and counterfeiting. After encapsulatioin every coin is imaged, and these images are made available for free at

The NGC AirView Holder can accommodate small, fragile and oddly sized coins up to 30 millimeters in diameter. At this time, the NGC AirView Holder will be used by NGC when appropriate for no additional charge. It cannot be requested.

The NGC AirView Holder is currently available only for submissions to NGC’s Sarasota headquarters, including bulk submissions. For more information, contact NGC Customer Service. For bulk submissions, contact Scott Heller at or 941-360-3990.

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