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United States Mint Announces Enrollment Program For Armed Forces Medals

The United States Mint has opened up a new Enrollment Program for the one-ounce Armed Forces silver medals. The new program allows you to register to receive the medals going forward, assuring that you are one of the first to get them once they are released. You can find out more details about the new program for the Armed Forces medals here on the Mint’s site.

Enrollment programs have becoming increasingly popular for many United States Mint products, and in some cases have been the only way collectors have been able to get certain products. For example, the American Women Quarter Program quarters in bags and rolls are only available to those who are in that product’s enrollment. The same is also true for all of the silver American Eagle products this year. Given the continued high demand for gold, silver and platinum products, this new Enrollment Program may be the best way for readers to be assured of receiving the latest releases in the series.

Enrollment is easy and does not require any up-front payment. Simply register with your United States Mint account using the link above, making sure that you have a valid credit card on file with your profile. When the next medal in the series is released, you will automatically have a purchase completed for you, saving you the time and hassle of trying to log in and buy one on release day. Usually within a few hours, you will receive an email from the Mint indicating your order has been fulfilled and shipped.

Note that this enrollment program is only for one-ounce Armed Forces medals and not the 2.5-ounce versions.

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