2023 Morgan & Peace Dollar Pricing Revealed in Federal Registry

The Department of The Treasury has revealed the pricing that the United States Mint will have on the 2023 Morgan and 2023 Peace Dollars. The new coins, which are a continuation of the 2021 series, will be offered in a total of five products across the two coin types. There were no dates published along with the products and their pricing structure.

Readers may recall that late last year the United States Mint announced that it was suspending the 2022 Morgan and Peace Dollar production due to silver bullion constraints. When announcing the suspension, the Mint indicated that they would return in 2023 and that appears to be the case. In the Federal Registry, the official source of news, notices and information from governmental agencies and departments, the Department of The Treasury reported the 2023 dollars products and pricing, all-but committing them to being produced.

According to the report in the Federal Registry, the United States Mint will produce the following Morgan and Peace dollar products next year:

  • Uncirculated Morgan Dollar – $67.00
  • Uncirculated Peace Dollar – $67.00
  • Proof Morgan Dollar – $73.00
  • Proof Morgan Dollar – $73.00
  • Two-Coin Reverse Proof Set Morgan & Peace Dollar: $175.00

While the pricing and products that will be released next year are great news, there are two key questions that remain unanswered and likely will until next year. First, is the production dates and release. The United States Mint has not released its 2023 Production Schedule and likely won’t until December of this year. That likely will be the first opportunity to see where these products are on the release schedule.

Second, it is unclear how many of each of the coins and sets will be produced and be available. If 2021 is an indicator, production will be extremely low and demand will be extremely high. However, it may ease a bit given that this is the second year of production for these coins. Only time will tell.

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