Anna May Wong American Woman Quarter Sales Begin October 25

The fifth and final American Women Quarter Program release for 2022, honoring Anna May Wong, will be available starting next week. Sales of bags, 2-roll sets, and 3-roll sets will begin at Noon Eastern on October 25th. The Mint previously reported, and indicates on the product pages for the bags and rolls, that all of the production has been sold through and accounted for by the Enrollment Program for the series. Therefore, you can expect very limited availability on release day.

Anna May Wong left a lasting legacy for Asian American women in the entertainment industry. Her career spanned motion pictures, television, and theatre. She appeared in more than 60 movies, including silent films and one of the first made in Technicolor. She also appeared in productions on the London and New York stages. Throughout her career, she championed the need for increased representation and more multi-dimensional roles for Asian American actors. Wong was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

She is remembered as an international film star, fashion icon, television trailblazer, and a champion for greater representation of Asian Americans in film. She continues to inspire actors and filmmakers today.

United States Mint
2022 American Women Quarter Anna May Wong Reverse
Anna May Wong Reverse

Here are the four products that the Mint will sell for the release.

  • 100-Coin Bag (Philadelphia) – $40.00
  • 100-Coin Bag (Denver) – $40.00
  • 2-Roll Set (P,D) – $36.00
  • 3-Roll Set (P,D,S) – $54.00

Authorized by Public Law 116-330—the Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act of 2020—the American Women Quarters Program will feature coins with reverse (tails) designs emblematic of the accomplishments and contributions of prominent American women. Contributions may come from a wide spectrum of fields including, but not limited to, suffrage, civil rights, abolition, government, humanities, science, space, and the arts. The women honored will come from ethnically, racially, and geographically diverse backgrounds. As required by the Public Law, no living person will be featured in the coin designs, and thus all the women honored must be deceased. The Mint will issue up to five coins with different reverse designs annually over the four-year period from 2022 through 2025.

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