Site News – A Return to Twitter

Update – January 25 – Sigh. Twitter has notified me that my account has now been locked for violating the company’s terms & conditions. Apparently, I’m impersonating… USCoinNews. I’m waiting to hear back from Twitter on the resolution, but the account lock means any articles published won’t be crossposted on the platform.

A small update for readers of USCoinNews, the site is now back on Twitter. I did not particularly want to do this, but dozens of you messaged me and asked why I had shut down the site’s Twitter account. I’m going to explain that here (and yes, I’ve disabled comments because there will be some who can’t be adults about differing opinions), but the bottom line, the site feed can be found here. Feel free to follow.

My decision to shut down the USCoinNews account came after purchasing the social media site and the significant shifts in the company’s policies. This was just about whether banned people were allowed back on the site. The bigger issue for me was how employees were treated throughout the process. Frankly, I don’t really care if particular individuals are banned from a site. Twitter, like other platforms, makes it quite easy for me to mute or block people – and they can do the same to me. But the long list of ultimatums and threats to employees was what drove me to shut down the account.

The mistake I made was that I didn’t realize just how many readers got a lot of their news from the site on that platform. I should have thought that through, to be honest. My bad. So I’m rectifying that mistake despite my own misgivings about Twitter’s leadership and future direction.

In the future, including this post, all articles will be posted at the time of publishing on the site and Twitter. You can also follow the site on Instagram if that’s your preferred social platform.