Proof Morgan and Peace Dollar Subscriptions Close August 4th

In an email sent this morning, the United States Mint has announced that it is closing subscriptions for the proof Morgan and Peace Dollars will close at the end of this week. Enrollment will close on Friday, August 4th, after which the Mint will no longer accept subscriptions for either coin. Enrollment closes at 11:59 PM Eastern on Friday.

If you want to subscribe to receive either of these coins, or both, follow this link to the Mint’s site to complete your subscription. Note that this is on a first-come, first-served basis until Friday. If the Mint runs out of allocated subscriptions for either of these coins, they will close them prior to Friday.

The Morgan and Peace Dollar program has been wildly successful for the United States Mint. Introduced in 2021 in honor of the centenary of the change from the Morgan to the Peace dollar, the coins in all finishes were near immediate sell-outs. No Morgan or Peace dollars were produced last year, and they were reintroduced this year. The uncirculated versions of both coins were made available earlier this year and sold out in a matter of days. The proof versions of the coins, set to go on sale August 9th, will likely repeat that feat, if not sell out quicker.

There are two critical benefits to subscribing to coin purchases from the Mint. First, on the day sales begin, you do not have to be on the Mint’s site and try to buy one. The coin(s) you are subscribed to receive will be automatically set aside for you and shipped to you. Secondly, subscribers do not have to pay to ship their coin(s) from the Mint.

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