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One of my objectives for USCoinNews in 2023 was to transition away from heavy advertising usage to a more “pay as you go” model. Like virtually all sites out there, ads are a key way I pay the bills for the site. All-in, USCoinNews costs about $150 per month to run. The current ad scheme almost makes it a breakeven proposition.

My goal remains to cut back on the number of ads on the site by offering alternative options through sponsorship. Last year, I set up a Patreon. Patreon lets you subscribe to the site with a monthly payment. If you like the site’s content and want to support it, Patreon is the best way to do it, as it gives a steady income to the site. As I’ve shared, once the site reaches the breakeven on costs, the in-story and other ads will be eliminated. I have no interest in double dipping.

Yesterday, I launched another way to support USCoinNews; Buy Me a Coffee.

Buy Me a Coffee differs from Patreon because it is a one-time thing. You can send whatever amount you want, in $5 increments, via the blue button in the site’s right-hand bar. It is not a subscription or recurring charge, which allows you to help support the site when you feel like it or can do so.

I hope that through Patreon and By Me a Coffee enough readers will support the site so I can eliminate all the ads. But there is no pressure. It is a desire, not a demand.

Thanks for your continued support of USCoinNews.


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