United States Mint Numismatic Product Sales Report – March 10, 2024

The United States Mint has released its weekly Numismatic Product Sales Report for the seven days ending Sunday, March 10, 2024. The report covers numismatic product sales by the Mint, such as commemorative coins and annual sets. It is separate from the bullion sales report. The Mint reported net sales of 16,194 products in this week’s report. With no new product releases in the last week, total sales dropped significantly week-over-week.

When reviewing the top ten selling products for the Mint last week, eight of the ten are 2024 releases. The top seller was the 2024 Liberty & Britannia Silver Medal, which saw sales of 4,849 medals last week. This was followed, distantly, by the 2024 Greatest Generation Silver Dollar Proof with 1,773 coins sold. Rounding out the top three sellers was the 2024-W American Eagle Silver Proof with 1,087 coins sold. The only two non-2024 top sellers were the 2023 Uncirculated Set and the 2023-S Peace Dollar Proof.

ProductProduct Description3/3/20243/10/2024Sales
24YB2024 Liberty & Britannia Silver Medal28,05532,9044,849
24CC2024 Greatest Generation Silver Dollar Proof15,40817,1811,773
24EA2024-W American Eagle Silver Proof230,730231,8171,087
24CE2024 Greatest Generation Half Dollar Clad Proof10,42311,4481,025
24CD2024 Greatest Generation Silver Dollar Uncirculated5,8146,522708
24WP2024 American Women Quarter Proof Set36,10836,737629
23RJ2023 Uncirculated Coin Set174,082174,578496
24YA2024 Liberty & Britannia Gold Coin5,0645,525461
24CF2024 Greatest Generation Half Dollar Clad Uncirculated4,9575,390433
23XL2023-S Peace Dollar Proof312,448312,801353
United States Mint Top Ten Selling Products – March 10, 2024

The United States Mint’s sales figures are public records and are available weekly. They start from the previous Sunday through to the next seven days. You can find the report each week at this link.

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