United States Mint Circulating Coinage Production Report – February 2024

The United States Mint has released its Circulating Coin Production Report for February 2024. The report shows that the United States Mint produced 616.22 million coins in February, down from production in January of this year and year-over-year from February’s production figures in 2023. It is the second consecutive month that the Mint’s circulating coinage production has been down when compared to last year. Indeed, every denomination minted execpt the Jefferson Nickle, was down in production when compared to January 2024.

Starting with the Lincoln Cent, the Mint reports that it minted 408.4 million Cents in February 2024. This is down from the 412.8 minted in January, or a decrease of 1.07%. Breaking down the production figures shows that 168.4 million Cents were minted in Denver and the remaining 240 million minted in Philadelphia. For 2024, the Mint has now produced 821.2 million Lincoln Cents for circulation.

The only demonination to see an increase in production in February 2024 when compared to January was the Jefferson Nickle. The Mint reported that 32.64 million Nickels were minted in February, 15.12 million in Denver and 17.52 in Philadelphia. It is a 14.28% increase month-over-month, but substantially down from the 128 million the Mint produced in February last year. For the year, the Mint has minted 61.2 million Jefferson Nickels.

The Roosevelt Dime had a total production of 78.1 million in February, according to the Mint’s report. Production in Denver was reported to be 34.6 mllion, while 43.5 million were Minted in Philadelphia. The total production figure was a decrease of 35.1% month-over-month, the largest drop in production across all denominations. For 2024, the Mint has producted 198.5 million Dimes.

Turning to the Washington Quarter, the Mint reported that 124.6 million Quarters were Minted in February 2024. The Mint’s circulation production report does not break down the type of Quarters it produced, as there will be five different designs as part of the American Womens Quarter Program. The February production total breaks down to 56.6 million Quarters minted in Denver, and the remaining 68 million in Philadelphia. For 2024, the Mint has no produced 312 million Quarters.

For February, there were no Kennedy Half Dollars minted, while 1.12 million Native American Dollars were Minted, all in Denver.

With the February figures considered, the United States Mint has minted 1.400 billion coins for circulation so far this year.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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