Today’s Deal – 1955 Franklin Half Dollar

1955 Franklin Half Dollar

Today’s Deal is on a beautiful Franklin Half Dollar that would be a great addition to any collection. The 1955 Franklin Half Dollar being offered is a brilliant uncirculated example of the short lived series. It is priced at $36.95 (plus $1.95 shipping). This is far below the $50 average book price for this coin … Read more

Today’s Deal – 1963 Franklin Half Two-Coin Set

1963 P & D Franklin Half Dollar 2-Coin Set

Today’s Deal is an excellent price on a two-coin set of 1963 Franklin Half Dollars. The set comes with a brilliant uncirculated example from both the Denver and Philadelphia Mints and is priced at $47.95 (plus $1.95 shipping). This is just under the average book price of a single coin in this set, making it … Read more

Coin History – Franklin Half Dollar

1962 Franklin Half Dollar Obverse (Image Courtesy of NGC)

Throughout the history of coinage here in the United States, there are a few that are seemingly universally loved. The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, the Morgan Dollar, and Indian Head “Buffalo” Nickel all come to mind. For many collectors, the Franklin Half Dollar is also on that list. Minted from 1948 to 1963, it is … Read more

Today’s Deal – 1952 Franklin Half Dollar

1952 Franklin Half Dollar

Today’s Deal is on a beautiful 1952 Franklin Half Dollar. The common date Half Dollar is in choice brilliant uncirculated condition and has been hand picked by the seller for its luster and eye appeal. Today you can pick it up for $24.95, a great value for this coin in this condition. US Coin News is … Read more

Today’s Deal – 1958-D Franklin Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated

1958-D Franklin Half Dollar

If you have been looking to add a superior example of the Franklin Half Dollar to your collection, Today’s Deal is one for you to consider. Right now you can pick up a 1958-D Franklin Half Dollar in brilliant uncirculated condition for $33.95. This is an excellent price for this coin and in this grade. US … Read more