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Mail Bag – How Do You Store Your Coins?

Good Morning readers and happy Monday! Today is the first posting in the Mail Bag feature. The feature will answer questions I have received over the past few weeks from those who have left comments, on Twitter, or in the Coins subreddit on Reddit. My focus is to answer the question of course but also pick those questions that I think others may have and are looking for an answer.

The first question comes for Steve G who used the Contact form to ask his question here on the site.

You have posted a lot about grading coins and other information that has been helpful but I’d like to know how you store your coins? Do you keep them organized or in boxes or what do you do?


Great question Steve and it comes down to two methods depending on where the coin is in the process of being cataloged. If the coin has not been cataloged, I store them in an old 35mm slide metal case. You can see the photo of it below. I’ve had this box for decades and yes, it started life as its original purpose. But as my collection grew, I needed to come up with a better way of keeping coins organized. So when I get new coins or work through the few hundred that I have never fully cataloged (yes, I’m lazy sometimes), they go in this box.

Uncataloged Coins Case
Uncataloged Coins Case

Once I have cataloged a coin into my collection (as a reminder, I use US Coin by SaintSoft to catalog my collection), I think put them into a storage sleeves and into an enclosed three-ring binder. The sleeves themselves were originally designed for 35mm slides but fit 2×2″ coin flips perfectly. My personal choice are these from B&H Photo. They are $26.99 for a 100 pack and perform exceptionally well for long term storage.

Cataloged Coins Case Interior
Cataloged Coins Case Interior

These sheets go into another product I get from B&H, their Besfile Archival Binder. They are $14.95 and completely enclose the sleeves in them and have snap-locks to keep them closed. These are again, great for long term storage and are easy to stack or file into my safe where I keep my coins.

Cataloged Coins Case Exterior
Cataloged Coins Case Exterior

I hope you find this helpful Steve and it is an idea on how to store your own collection.

For everyone, I’d love to hear how you store your collection. Leave a comment here and let me know what system you use, products, etc. Everyone can always learn from everyone!

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