The Coins Subreddit is a Fun and Vibrant Community

Coin collectors like to share their love of the hobby. Even more so, generally speaking, seasoned collectors want to help those who are new to the hobby with tips, grading information and other tidbits to encourage them. To an extent, Twitter is good for this and a great way to get information. But it isn’t as personal and doesn’t quite have the community feel. That’s where Reddit can play a role for you.

The Coins subreddit is a vibrant community with a mix of seasoned collectors as well as new. It is also a place where those who have coins that they can’t identify or need help grading go to for that help. And, of course, there is the mix of “what I got at the coin show” posts of people showing off their new coins or collections – not in a braggadocios way but a genuine excitement for their new coins.

For those that don’t know much about Reddit, it is a social and news platform where topics of interest are divided into communities, called subreddits. Those subreddits are focused on just one thing which makes it much easier to filter through the things you don’t want to see versus the things that you do. Reddit has strict guidelines on posts and in order to post, you have to gain Karma points. Those points are gained by making posts and by having others like them and, conversely, you liking or commenting on other people’s posts. That’s how communities are built.

Coins Community on Reddit
Coins Community on Reddit

The Coins subreddit is not the only coin collecting centric one on Reddit but it is probably the best and most vibrant. It sports some 36,000 members there is always something new from someone being posted. You will of course find me in there too under the user USCoinNews.

The great thing about this community is that it isn’t just US coin centric. You will see coins from all over the world which exposes you to coinage that you may never get to see in your lifetime in real life.

Signing up for Reddit is free and if you are looking for a fun coin collecting community only, check out the Coins subreddit.

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