US Mint Struck 1.25 Billion Coins in April 2019

The United States Mint stepped up minting of United States Coinage in April, making it the third busiest month so far in 2019. In total, the Mint produced 1.253 billion coins for the month, nearly 200 million more coins than it struck in March 2019, or an 18.9% increase month-over-month. It is also the fourth straight month that the Mint has minted one billion coins in a month.

As is usually the case, the Lincoln Cent was the top produced coin for the month. In all, the Federal Reserve ordered 740.8 million Cents for the month of April, 25.5% more than were produced the previous month. For 2019, 2.93 billion cents have been struck.

Below is a chart of the breakdown of denominations produced by the Denver and Philadelphia Mints in April 2019. Remember that all coinage for circulation is produced by these two mints, while San Francisco and West Point produce more collector centric products.

*ATB=America The Beautiful

Lincoln Cents336,000,000404,800,000740,800,000
Jefferson Nickels48,000,00063,360,000111,360,000
Roosevelt Dimes100,000,000121,000,000221,000,000
ATB Quarters88,200,00092,400,000180,600,000
Kennedy Half Dollars000
Native American $1s000

Looking at the bigger picture, the two primary mint facilities have produced 5.072 billion coins for 2019. That breaks down to the Philadelphia Mint striking 2,543,440,000 coins for the year while the Denver Mint has struck 4,449,714,000 for the year.

The combined total of 5,072,060,000 represents a 14% increase over the first four months of 2018. Here is a breakdown of dominations per Mint facility for 2019.

Mint1 ¢5 ¢10 ¢25 ¢50 ¢N.A. $1Total:

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