Gold 2019 American Eagle Sales Begin June 13

The gold 2019 American Eagle is set to go on sale this Thursday, June 13, 2019 from the United States Mint. The collector coin is minted at the West Point facility of the US Mint and features the classic Augustus Saint-Gaudens full-length Liberty with flowing hair on the Obverse. The Reverse features an eagle carrying an olive branch flying above a female eagle and eaglets. Design wise, it is the same it has been since its introduction.

2017 Gold American Eagle
2017 Gold American Eagle

Like previous years, there is a restricted number of these coins that will be minted and there are limits to the number you can buy. Overall, only 10,000 coins will be struck and you are limited to one per household.

Pricing of the gold 2019 American Eagle has not been set yet and likely we won’t know that until sales begin later this week. The price of the coin is set at a spot price for gold plus an administration fee from the Mint. The 2018 version of the coin currently sells for $1640.00 and it is still available on the Mint’s site. You can expect the 2019 version to be around that same price.

To get details and to order when sales start at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, head to the product page for it on the Mint’s site.

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