Mint Sales Report – Silver American Eagle Top Seller

The recently released silver 2019-W American Eagle has made its debut on the latest United States Mint sales report. The bullion coin went on sale on May 29, 2019 and sold 82,784 units for the Mint’s sales report ending June 2, 2019. While the sales figure is a solid start, it is significantly less than the 2018 American Eagle sales in its first week. Last year, that coin sold 89,492 units.

2019 American Silver Eagle
2019 American Silver Eagle

The 2019 Uncirculated Mint Set continued its strong showing, which debuted in the previous week’s report and was the top seller. That set added an additional 10,743 units which brought the overall sales total to just over 200,000 (200,681). The 2019 Proof Set added 6,489 units for the week, bringing its total sales to 323,986.

The 2019-W proof version of the silver Eagle also had a strong week in sales, adding another 2,404 to its total sales.

Here are the top 10 sellers for the United States Mint for the week ending June 2, 2019:

  • 2019-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle (+82,784)
  • 2019 Mint Set (+10,743)
  • 2019 Proof Set (+6,489)
  • 2019 Silver Proof Set (+6,167)
  • 2019-W Proof Silver Eagle (+2,404)
  • 2019-P Proof Apollo 11 Silver Dollar (+1,916)
  • 2019 American Legion Silver Dollar and Medal Set (+1,054)
  • 2018-S Proof American Innovation Dollar (+622)
  • 2019 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set (+564)
  • 2019 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set (+532)

If you haven’t picked up your 2019-W American Eagle, you can do so at the Mint’s site. It is $46.95 for this year’s mintage. Both it and the 2019 Mint Set are still readily available. The Mint Set is $21.95. In both cases, there is no purchase or household limit on your purchases. These make great additions to your collection but also make excellent graduation or other gifts for those who are just starting their own coin collecting adventure.

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