Pacific National Historical Park Rolls and Bags Now Available

The United States Mint has opened up sales for rolls and bags of the recently released War in the Pacific National Historical Park Quarter. That Quarter is part of the ongoing America The Beautiful Quarter series. The coins themselves were released last month in a ceremony in Guam.

The rolls and bags come in a variety of options. You can get a two-roll set of the Philadelphia and Denver minted Quarters for $32.95. If you want the 40-coin roll from the San Francisco mint, it is $18.95. Finally, there is a 3-roll set from all three mints which is $46.95.

2019 War in the Pacific National Historical Park Quarter Reverse
2019 War in the Pacific National Park Quarter Reverse

For the 100-coin bags from the US Mint, they are $34.95 each. Each bag comes from either the Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco Mint.

To order any of these, head to the product page on the Mint site and then pick which option you want for your collection. There are no household limits on the number you can buy.

The War in the Pacific National Historical Park was established in 1978 to commemorate the bravery, courage, and sacrifice of those participating in the campaigns of the Pacific Theater of World War II.

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