War in The Pacific National Park 5 Ounce Silver Coin now Available

The United States Mint has opened up sales for the 5-Ounce silver War in the Pacific National Park commemorative coin. Minted in the Philadelphia Mint site, the five ounce coin is made of .999 silver and bears the same Obverse and Reverse as the War in the Pacific National Park Quarter. That quarter, which was released last month, is the 48th Quarter in the America the Beautiful series.

The five ounce version of the coin is purely aimed at collectors and is identical to the Quarter with the exception of the edging. The Quarter has a reeded edge while the five ounce bullion coin has a smooth edge with the coins silver content and weight etched into it.

War in the Pacific National Historical Park was established to commemorate the bravery, courage, and sacrifice of those who participated in the Pacific Theater campaigns during World War II. The reverse (tails) design honoring the site depicts American forces coming ashore at Asan Bay, strengthening the number of troops on the island in the fight for Guam and its eventual liberation. Inscriptions are “WAR IN THE PACIFIC,” “GUAM,” “2019,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

Asan Bay Overlook is perhaps the most iconic memorial in the park. The Memorial Wall lists the military personnel and local residents who died or suffered atrocities during the Japanese occupation. In his remarks, Director Ryder noted, “The American liberation of Guam hastened the end of the war, but came at a price of thousands of casualties. May this quarter stand as a tribute to the memories this park preserves.”

United States Mint
2019 War in the Pacific National Historical Park Quarter Reverse
2019 War in the Pacific National Historical Park Quarter Reverse

The US Mint is selling the coin for $154.95 on their site. There is a mintage limit of 20,000 coins but there is no household limit on the number that you can purchase.

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