Pride of Two Nations Set Briefly Available at The Mint

If you read the US Mint Sales Report post yesterday, I mentioned that the Pride of Two Nations two-coin set between the US Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint were nearly sold out. In all, 4,534 of the set remained after based on the sales report of the 100,000 that were available.

Earlier this morning, the Mint’s site briefly indicated that those remaining sets were available for purchase. It appeared to be available for only an hour or two and has now gone back to being unavailable. It is unclear if those remaining set were sold in that brief period of time and that likely won’t be known until next week’s sales report.

Pride of Two Nations 2-Coin Set
Pride of Two Nations 2-Coin Set

The set contained a 2019-W in an enhanced reverse proof finish as well as a Royal Canadian Mint 2019 Silver Maple Leaf in a modified proof finish. Both coins are .999 pure silver. It is the first joint venture between the two Mint’s and proved to be a success as it nearly sold out in the first day.

It is possible that a few sets remain so I recommend setting up the “Remind me” function on the product page for the set on the Mint page just in case some do become available.

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