Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 Medal Sells for $2 Million

As long time readers of know, I rarely post rare coin auctions as focus the site on the average collector – those of us who can’t necessarily afford these rare coins. However, this latest auction was to good to pass up, especially as we collectively celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing.

One of three Apollo 11 Gold Robbins Medals was sold by the Armstrong Family Collection this week and it brought an eye watering $2.055 million. It was a stunning sale of a stunning medal.

So what brought this type of price? Several factors were involved. First, this is the medal that was given to Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Second, this medal actually flew to the moon with Armstrong, Buz Aldrin, and Michael Collins (who also got one of these medals). Third, honestly, it comes down to timing. With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing happening this weekend, it was a great time for the Armstrong family to sell the medal. Finally, there were only three struck, one for each of the astronauts of the mission.

The Robbins Medal itself is also unique. These were struck for each of the missions starting with Apollo 7 with the Obverse of the medal each having the missions insignia. This Obverse would later become the Reverse of the Eisenhower Dollar and the Susan B Anthony Dollar.

Apollo 11 Gold Medal from Neil Armstrong
Apollo 11 Gold Medal from Neil Armstrong

NGC graded the medal NGC MS 67, while an affiliated company, CAG, certified its provenance to the Armstrong Family Collection.

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