Delaware American Innovation Dollar Now Available

The United States Mint has released the new Delaware American Innovation Dollar coin today. Available in 25-coin rolls and 100-coin bags, collectors can now pick up the first-for-2019 coin at the Mint’s site.

The coin rolls of the new dollar are available with both the Philadelphia and Denver Mint marks. They are $32.95 each

As with other rolls from the Mint, they are wrapped in special wrappers to indicate they came directly from the Mint. The Philadelphia coins come in a blue-highlighted wrapper while those from Denver have a red-highlighted wrapper.

The 100-Coin bags are also available from the main production Mint locations and are $111.95 each.

Like the rolls, the bags have a red banner on them from Denver and a blue banner from Philadelphia.

All of these products have no production limit nor a household buying limit and are readily available from the Mint’s site.

The reverse design features a silhouette of Annie Jump Cannon against the night sky, with a number of stars visible. Inscriptions are “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “ANNIE JUMP CANNON,” “CLASSIFYING THE STARS,” and “DELAWARE.”

2019 Delaware American Innovation Dollar Reverse
2019 Delaware American Innovation Dollar Reverse

Although there was a 2018 Innovation Dollar released last year (and a reverse proof this year of that coin), the Delaware coin marks the true beginning of the series which will have a total of 57 coins in it. Production of these coins will continue through 2032. You can learn the history about the series in this Coin History article.

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