Mint Sales Report – Delaware American Innovation Dollar Debuts

The new American Innovation Dollar has made its way to the latest United States Mint sales report. The new dollar, representing the state of Delaware, was released last week in rolls and bags directly available from the Mint’s site.

The new dollar coin saw the 25-coin rolls from the Denver and Philadelphia Mint had strong initial sales, coming in 3rd and 4th in sales for the week ending September 23, 2019. Both roll options sold over 3,000 units each. The 100-Coin bag of the American Innovation Dollar from the Denver Mint sold 1,970 and finished the week 8th in sales. The Philadelphia bag finished in 11th with 1,625 bags.

The top seller for this past week was the ever present 2019 Proof Set. The annual set added another 4,273 sets to its sales total. That pushes the total sales for the set to 405,334. Closely behind it was the 2019 American Eagle silver proof. 3,671 Silver Eagles were sold in the last week, which means its sales total now sits at 306,317. The 2019-S American Eagle silver proof came in 5th place with 3,289 sales in the past week.

Here then is the United Mint sales Top 10 for the week ending September 23, 2019.

Item Description9/17/2019 Report9/23/2019 ReportIncrease/Decrease
2019 Proof Set4010614053344273
2019 American Eagle Silver Proof3026463063173671
2019 American Innovation 25-Coin Roll Delaware (D)034333433
2019 American Innovation 25-Coin Roll Delaware (P)034213421
2019-S American Eagle Silver Proof1101381134273289
2019 Uncirculated Set2516222541052483
2019 Silver Proof Set2979323003962464
2019 American Innovation 100-Coin Bag Delaware (D)019701970
2018 Proof Set5074015091511750
2018 Cumberland Island 40-Coin Roll (S)652982081679

The United States Mint’s sales figures are public record and are available each week. They start from the previous Sunday through to the next seven days. You can find the report each week at this link.

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