Mint to Launch 2019 American Innovation Dollar Proof Sets on October 11

At a special even to be held at the Philadelphia Mint facility, the United States Mint will launch a new four-coin 2019 American Innovation Dollar Proof Set. The set will contain all four of this year’s Innovation Dollars in Proof condition.

The launch event is slated to take place starting at Noon at the Philadelphia Mint facility. The address is United States Mint Facility at Philadelphia, Public Tour Entrance, 151 N. Independence Mall East, Philadelphia, PA 19106. The event is open to the public.

During the event, Mint Director David J. Ryder will be delivering remarks about the set and will be signing the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with the coins.

2019 American Innovation Dollar Poof Set
2019 American Innovation Dollar Poof Set

The first of the four 2019 Innovation Dollar coins for Delaware was released last month while coins for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are set to be released later this year.

The new Dollar coin came about through legislation passed in 2018 and is set to run through the year 2032. In all, there will be 57 coins released in the program with the first one released on December 14, 2018. That coin, however, was an introductory coin fundamentally to show the coin off to the public and was never released for circulation.

Life of the American Innovation Dollar Coin Program began on June 20, 2018. Legislation for the program was added to a bill in the United States Senate from a earlier House of Representatives bill. The bill was returned to the House and was approved just seven days later on June 27, 2018. It became law on July 18, 2018 when it was signed by President Donald Trump. With the legislation authorizing the coin now in place, the United States Mint went to work on designing it.

Keeping with the gold tone of the Native American Dollar and the Presidential Dollar series, the American Innovation Dollar will also have a smooth edge too. E PLURIBUS UNUM will be on the edge along with the year and mint mark.

You can read the full story and history of this new dollar coin set in this Coin History article.

For those who can’t make it to Philadelphia for the event, you will be able to order the set from the Mint’s site. It is $20.95 and will be available on October 11, 2019. Here is a link to the product page for the set.

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