United States Mint Raises Prices on Numismatic Products

Collecting Numismatic items from the United States Mint is going to cost you a little bit more in 2020. The Mint has already got a slew of products lined up for launch in January, eight to be precise, and all of them have seen a price increase.

While the price increases are minimal in most cases, in a few cases they are a bit more significant. For example, the 202 America the Beautiful Silver Proof Set, which is set to launch February 20, 2020, will be priced at $42.50. That is an increase of $5.55 over the same product from 2019. The 2020 Congratulations Set, which launched today, jumped up a stunning $8.55 in price. The set from the United States Mint now costs $65.50.

Other increases are not as significant. The 2020 National Park of American Samoa Quarter 40-Coin Roll will be .80 Cents more than the 2019 40-coin rolls while the upcoming American Innovation Reverse Proof coins for New Jersey and Georgia will be priced at $11.50 each, up $1.55 from the $9.95 price tag of 2019.

The team over at Coin News have put together a table breaking down all of the cost increases you can expect to see early in 2020.

Ultimately the price increases shouldn’t be a big shock for collectors. Factors like inflation, spot prices on silver, and increases in operational costs all impact pricing of Mint products. Further, these price increases on the whole are minimal and likely will not detour collectors from adding the products to their collections.

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