United States Mint Proof Set for 2020 Sales Begin Today

The annual Mint Proof Set from the United States Mint will be available starting today. The 2020 Mint Proof Set is priced at $32.00 this year. Sales will begin at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific.

You can follow this link to the product page on the Mint’s site. If you are in the Product Enrollment Program for the set, emails confirming your order have already been sent out this morning by the Mint.

The 2020 Proof Set will have all of the regular production circulating coins that the Mint will produce this year. In total, there are 10 coins in the set, all bearing the “S” San Francisco mint mark. Including in the set will be:

  • 2020-S Lincoln Cent
  • 2020-S Jefferson Nickel
  • 2020-S Roosevelt Dime
  • 2020-S National Park of American Samoa (AS) Quarter
  • 2020-S Weir Farm National Historic Site (CT) Quarter
  • 2020-S Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve (VI) Quarter
  • 2020-S Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park (VT) Quarter
  • 2020-S Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve (KS) Quarter
  • 2020-S Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2020-S Native American Dollar
2020 U.S. Mint Proof Set
2020 U.S. Mint Proof Set

In addition to the ten coins in the standard set, in 2020 there will also be a special Proof 2020-W Jefferson Nickel that will come with the set. The Mint announced earlier this year that each of the annual sets (Proof, Silver Proof, and Uncirculated) will come with a variant of the 2020-W Nickel. In each case, the special addition will come in a separate bag from the Mint sealed Proof Sets. Readers will remember that the Mint included a 2019-W Lincoln Cent with the annual sets last year.

The Proof Set for 2020 has no production or mintage limit, nor is there a household limit on the number you can purchase. These sets always make a great gift and are one of the yearly releases that collectors enjoy receiving.

To get more details and to setup a reminder for when the set goes on sale, head to the product page on the Mint’s site.

4 thoughts on “United States Mint Proof Set for 2020 Sales Begin Today”

  1. hi – i thought the new “W” coins were supposed to be packaged “differently”…..
    unless they’re using a STOCK photo – see no difference….to make matters worse – the fact they they WOULD use a stock photo is disturbing in itself…..since everyone who buys a set, gets a free “W” coin….. why can’t (or won’t) they just include same IN the SAME plastic lens?…or am i missing something? thanks!

    • If you look at the photo in the lower right corner, you will see the Jefferson Nickel in a separate package. As to why it is not in the same package, two reasons (likely). 1: The Proof set itself is done in San Francisco while this W Nickel is in West Point so geographically very far apart. They would have to ship the coins which isn’t very feasible. 2: The mint likely has purchased hundreds of thousands of these holders already and the decision to include the 2020-W, like the 2019-W Lincoln Cent, was at the last minute.

  2. hi – totally accept your explanation as to why the “W” nickel is not included in the plastic lens with the the coins due to the proximity of mint locations……. as for the “package” of the new nickel….i was under the impression, that the mint had kinda “guaranteed” this piece would be shipped “securely”….to release the new set with an image showing the SAME packaging as the “W” cents…..is to me at least…a little ridiculous…..if they ARE in fact doing something “different” with this item..they’re certainly not reflecting it the the photo they choose to support the sale….could have at least put it in it’s OWN plastic lens…..thanks!

    • Fair point. Given the troubles they had with the 2019-W’s, the Mint has indicated they are doing something different to protect the coins. That could be a thicker or padded bag, etc. Not sure. My set has already shipped (Product Enrollment) so I’ll know in a few days. I’ll probably post on it too as I suspect others have the same question as you.


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