2020 Annual Sets to Come With 2020-W Jefferson Nickel

After the successful release of 2019-W Lincoln Cent coins as part of annual sets last year, despite some shipping damage issues, the United States Mint has announced that the program will continue with the Jefferson Nickel. For the Proof Set, Silver Proof Set, and Uncirculated Coin Set, a 2020-W Jefferson Nickel will come in addition to the set itself.

As was the case in 2019 with the Lincoln Cent, the 2020-W Jefferson Nickel will come in three different finishes depending on which set you purchase.

  • 2020 Proof Set will come with a 2020-W Nickel in Proof
  • 2020 Silver Proof Set will come with a 2020-W Nickel in Reverse Proof
  • 2020 Uncirculated Set will come with a 2020-W Nickel Uncirculated

With these coins being struck at the Mint’s West Point facility, it will mark the first time that the Jefferson Nickel will be struck at that location. For those new to collecting, the West Point facility (indicated with the W Mint Mark) is usually where bullion and other precious metal numismatic products are struck. Circulating coinage is not produced in West Point.

Reverse of Proof Jefferson Nickel
Reverse of Proof Jefferson Nickel (Image Courtesy of the United States Mint)

These new coins will be available starting with the 10-coin 2020 Proof Set. The set will be available on February 27, 2020 and will be struck at the San Francisco Mint. The set will be priced at $32 and you can get more information it here at the Mint’s site. All of the coins in this set will be 2020-S Mint Marked with the 2020-W Jefferson Nickel being added to it in a separate package with your Proof Set. This 2020-W Nickel will be in Proof condition.

The United States Mint has not announced release dates for the Silver Proof Set or the Uncirculated Coin Set for 2020.

The Mint has not yet announced specific release dates for the Silver Proof set or 20-coin Uncirculated Coin set. 

One issue that collectors had in 2019 with the 2019-W Lincoln Cent was damage to the coins in shipment. Many collectors ended up returning sets because the special Cent was damaged. The mint has indicated they are working with the fulfillment contractor to assure that damage is limited with improved packaging.


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