2020 Silver Proof Set Sales Start Friday, April 17th

The United States Mint will open sales of the 2020 Silver Proof Set next Friday, April 17, 2020 at Noon Eastern. The 10-coin set will also come with the bonus 2020-W Jefferson Nickel in Reverse Proof that are being included in the annual sets for this year. The set is priced at $63.25 and initial quantities will be limited.

For those new to coin collecting, the Silver Proof Set has the same coins that are included in the regular issue Proof Set. However, the Roosevelt Dime, the five America the Beautiful Quarters, and the Kennedy Half Dollar are all struck in 99.9% silver. Here is a breakdown of the coins that will be a part of the set:

  • 2020-S Lincoln Cent
  • 2020-S Jefferson Nickel
  • 2020-S Roosevelt Dime (Silver)
  • 2020-S National Park of American Samoa Quarter (Silver)
  • 2020-S Weir Farm National Historic Site Quarter (Silver)
  • 2020-S Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve Quarter (Silver)
  • 2020-S Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park Quarter (Silver)
  • 2020-S Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Quarter (Silver)
  • 2020-S Kennedy Half Dollar (Silver)
  • 2020-S Native American Dollar honoring Elizabeth Peratrovich
  • Bonus: 2020-W Jefferson Nickel in Reverse Proof
2020 Silver Proof Set with 2020-W Jefferson Nickel Reverse Proof
2020 Silver Proof Set with 2020-W Jefferson Nickel Reverse Proof

As announced earlier in the year, the Mint will be including one of three special finish 2020-W Jefferson Nickel with each of their annual sets.

  • 2020-W Jefferson Nickel Uncirculated in the Uncirculated Set
  • 2020-W Jefferson Nickel Proof in the Proof Set
  • 2020-W Jefferson Nickel Reverse Proof in the Silver Proof Set

Initially, there will only be 190,960 of these sets available for purchase with it unclear when or if more will be produced. The Mint announced yesterday that it has suspended all Numismatic products due to restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Further, for now, this will be the last Numismatic product for a while from the Mint.

If you are wanting to add one of these sets to your collection, readers are encouraged to take one of two actions. First, you can sign up for the Product Enrollment for the set. While that doesn’t guarantee that you will get one (it is a first signed up-first served basis), it gives you a shot as those who are in the Product Enrollment program will get their orders filled first. By-the-way, you can also sign up and still get the 2019 Silver Proof Set with the 2019-W Lincoln Cent in Reverse Proof.

Secondly, you can use the Remind Me feature on the product page to get a reminder of when sales start next Friday. Then it becomes a competition to see who can click their mouse faster amongst collectors.

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