Today’s Deal – 2021 Handbook of United States Coins

Today’s Deal is on the 2021 Handbook of United States Coins. Often referred to as the “blue book”, the Handbook is aimed at giving dealers and collectors a guide of the value of the coins in their collection. It serves as a reference point for what sellers can expect dealers to buy a coin for in today’s market. The book is in its 78th edition and is printed by Whitman Publishing and is available for $14.95 on Amazon.

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Hardcover, library-quality edition. This guide features grading and collecting tips, mintage records, historical information, and data compiled by more than 100 professional contributors. The 2021 Handbook of United States Coins lists how much dealers will pay for your coins. The Blue Book is the hobby’s #1 best-selling guide to wholesale prices for U.S. coins. Includes a 16-page color section on Morgan and Peace silver dollars, and more than 900 illustrations!

Whitman Publishing
Handbook of United States Coins 78th Edition
Handbook of United States Coins 78th Edition

The “Blue Book” has actually been in production longer than the popular Guidebook to United States Coins, or more commonly known as the “red book”. It is considered by many as a must-have book as it can provide those dealer buy prices to sellers while at a coin show or at a shop.

Currently the book is in stock and arriving within 2-3 days of ordering. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, shipping is free. To get more details or to order your copy, follow this link to the product page on Amazon.

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