2024 Blue Book Now Available From Whitman

2024 Blue Book

Whitman Publishing now has the 2024 Blue Book available for purchase. The book’s official title is Handbook of United States Coins but is often referred to simply as the Blue Book. The book, with 2024 representing its 81st edition, is aimed at collectors and coin dealers to give the fair market value of coins. The 2024 Blue Book is priced at $16.95 in hardback, along with appropriate taxes and shipping fees. You can receive a …

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Whitman Publishing Announces New 2022 Edition Official Blue Book of United States Coins

2022 Edition of The Officail Blue Book of United States Coins (Image Courtesy of Whitman Publishing)

The following is a Press Release from Whitman Publishing, announcing the new 2022 Edition of the Handbook of United States Coins, the 79th edition, will be available starting May 10, 2021. The latest edition of the Blue Book, which has been published since 1942 and longer than the popular Red Book, will be priced at $14.95 for hardback and $12.95 for softcover. Whitman Publishing announces the upcoming release of the 2022 (79th edition) Handbook of United …

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Today’s Deal – 2021 Handbook of United States Coins

Handbook of United States Coins 78th Edition

Today’s Deal is on the 2021 Handbook of United States Coins. Often referred to as the “blue book”, the Handbook is aimed at giving dealers and collectors a guide of the value of the coins in their collection. It serves as a reference point for what sellers can expect dealers to buy a coin for in today’s market. The book is in its 78th edition and is printed by Whitman Publishing and is available for …

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