2021 Native American Dollar Rolls, Bags & Boxes Sales Start February 16

The United States Mint will open sales of the 2021 Native American Dollar starting next week. Sales will begin at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific on February 16. The coin will be available in rolls, bags, and boxes directly on the Mint’s website.

Last month the Mint released the Reverse image of the 2021 Native American dollar, the first in a two-year series that will honor Native Americans’ service in the United States Military. The design will feature two Eagle feathers along with five stars, representing the five branches of the military in the United States: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard.

2021 Native American Dollar Reverse (Image Courtesty of The United States Mint)
2021 Native American Dollar Reverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

The Mint will release a total of six products for the new dollar. Here is a listing and link to the products on the Mint’s site:

  • 25-Coin Roll (Philadelphia) – $34.50
  • 25-Coin Roll (Denver) – $34.50
  • 100-Coin Bag (Philadelphia) – $117.50
  • 100-Coin Bag (Denver) – $117.50
  • 250-Coin Box (Philadelphia) – $289.75
  • 250-Coin Box (Denver) – $289.75

Because the Native American Dollar is considered a circulating coin, there will be no production limits or household limits on purchases when the coin becomes available. Additionally, the Mint does make all of these products available as part of the Native American Dollar Enrollment Program which will assure you are one of the first to get these rolls, bags, or boxes when they are released each year.

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