Mail Bag – Binders or Trays for Coin Storage

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Allen who asks about coin storage. Specifically, they want to know if storing coins in binders versus trays are better and what I do with my own collection.


I am wanting to know if storing my coins in binders over trays is better or vise versa. I see on Instagram that you seem to use both but I want to know if either of these are better than the other.



First Allen, thanks for taking the time to drop a line with your question. You are 100% correct: I use both binders to store my coins as well as a tray. But I use them for distinct purposes in my collection.

Clinton's Coin Collection Tray & Binder
Clinton’s Coin Collection Tray & Binder

Whenever I get a new “raw” coin or pull it from an Uncirculated Set, I put them into a 2×2 flip which then gets put into a metal storage tray or box. In the photo above you can see it and it is actually a box I’ve had for probably 30 years now that was designed to hold 35mm slides (the same size as 2×2 coin flips) This is my “to be graded” box.

Once I grade a coin and catalog it in my collection software (I use CoinManage from Liberty Street Software), then it goes into a binder. This is where I store my coins long term. I have binders for every denomination and in some cases multiples for a denomination. For example, I have Binder 1 which is my Half Cent and Cent storage place. I recently added Binder 1.1 as I’ve got more coins than the first one will hold.

For my binders, I personally use Adorama. I’ve found them to be high quality and durable as well as easy to store. You can get them on Amazon (Affiliate Link) or B&H Photo. I’ve also used Vue brand as well and like them too.

Finally, for my professionally graded coins, I use storage boxes for those. For me, I use NGC branded slab holders as all my coins are graded by them (my personal preference, not suggesting they are the only or best option). PCGS also makes such storage boxes for their graded coins.

Ultimately Allen I personally don’t think there is a right or wrong answer on this question. I think it becomes a question of how much storage space you physically have in your office or study and which you prefer. I personally like using binders for long term storage as I can easily store them in my safe where my collection is mostly kept.

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