2021-P Morgan and Peace Dollar Pre-Sales Begin Today at Noon Eastern

The United States Mint will open pre-sales of the 2021-P Morgan Dollar, the final 2021 Morgan to be released, as well as the 2021-P Peace Dollar, the only Peace Dollar being struck as part of the 100th anniversary of these coins both being in circulation later today. In 1921, the Morgan Dollar had its last year of circulation while the Peace Dollar started circulating the same year. 

Pre-sales today will begin at the traditional time of Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific.

For these 2021 coins, availability will be extremely limited. Only 175,000 of the Philadelphia Morgan Dollar will be available while 200,000 of the Peace Dollar will be available. For both coins, a household limit of 3 coins is set. Both coins are expected to sell out within minutes of pre-sales starting on the Mint’s site.

The 2021-P Morgan Dollar is priced at $85.00, which is also the price for the Philadelphia Peace Dollar. You can follow the links to the product pages for each coin.

In December 1921, the new Peace Dollar was approved by Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, replacing the Morgan Dollar and marking peace between the U.S. and Germany. More than 1 million of the coins had been struck by the end of the year. The new silver dollar was designed by renowned Italian American Sculptor Anthony de Francisci (1887 – 1964) and minted until 1935.

The Peace Dollar symbolized the country’s coming of age as an international power, while recognizing the sacrifices made by its citizens in World War I and celebrating victory and peace. In honor of the 100th anniversary of this iconic silver dollar, the United States Mint is proud to present the 2021 Peace Dollar. This rendition was created through the use of modern technology and historical U.S. Mint assets. It has a beautiful uncirculated finish.

United States Mint 
2021-(P) Peace Dollar Obverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)
2021-P Peace Dollar Obverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

Note that in the case of the Morgan and Peace Dollar, neither will bear a mint mark, a common practice for Philadelphia minted coins. The (P) is implied to help readers discern these coins from those struck in San Francisco or Denver which do bare a mint mark.

Pre-sales for these coins goes through August 24, 2021 or until inventory is depleted. Demand for these coins are exceptionally high and inventory is expected to be sold within minutes on August 10th. Readers who want to pick up one or both of these coins are highly encouraged to be on the Mint’s site prior to Noon Eastern to attempt to make a purchase.

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