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2021-P Morgan and Peace Dollars Finally Shipping

Over the course of the past week, the United States Mint has begun processing and shipping the 2021-P Morgan and Peace Dollar. The two coins, the last of the 100th anniversary coins released this year, went on sale back in August. At the time, the Mint announced that shipping of the coins would not happen until October. True to its word, that is now happening.

Multiple collectors in various social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have posted that their orders have moved from “backordered” status to “processing”. Some have indicated that they have now received their shipping notice from the Mint that their Morgan or Peace dollar is on its way to them.

Personally, my 2021-P Peace Dollar is currently in the “processing” phase.

The series of 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollars were some of the most sought after coins by the Mint this year and arguably over the past several years. Collectors in general appreciate the Morgan dollar and the series released for that coin this year all sold out within minutes. The same could be said for the single Peace Dollar that was released too. That high demand caused numerous issues for the Mint’s site, with many buyers encountering a non-responsive Mint site as it tried to cope with the upwards of 200% increase in traffic. The Mint, for its part, implemented anti-automation (Bot) measure to try to curb the issue but issues persisted.

Once orders move to the shipping phase, it will likely take up to a week for collectors to receive their coins. The Mint will provide tracking numbers as usual once it does ship.

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