APMEX Accepting Pre-Orders for 2022 American Buffalo Bullion Coin

APMEX is now accepting pre-orders for the 2022 American Buffalo gold bullion coin. The Oklahoma-based company is an Authorized Purchaser of the United States Mint and is offering the 2022 one ounce gold coin starting at $1887.99. Prices of the coin vary based on the number purchased and are impacted by spot prices of gold.

Editors Note: USCoinNews.com is not an affiliate partner of APMEX. However, APMEX is the bullion dealer of choice for the site based on their customer service, pricing, and speed of shipment.

The 2022 American Buffalo will feature the same design that the coin has had since is initial release back in 2006. As a reminder to new collectors who have not purchased bullion coins before, a few notes. Bullion coins, which bare no Mint Mark, are produced in West Point. The American Buffalo bullion coin has an uncirculated-like finish (it is not Burnished).

2022 American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin Obverse (Image Courtesy of APMEX)
2022 American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin Obverse (Image Courtesy of APMEX)

Here is the pricing that APMEX is currently offering on next year’s American Buffalo:

QuantityCheck/WireCrypto CC/PayPal
1 – 9 $1,897.99$1,907.53$1,977.07
10 – 19 $1,892.99$1,902.50$1,971.86
20 + $1,887.99$1,897.48$1,966.66

APMEX is indicating that the coins will be arriving from the United States Mint soon with an anticipated shipping date of January 13, 2022. Pre-ordering now will allow you to lock in your price but also assure you are one of the first to get the coin.

For more details and to order, head to this link.

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